In the past DESCOURS AND CABAUD has been renamed BATPRO in 2001 in the same time it finalized great organisational changes, company BATPRO divides, a vision, an engagement for quality and of the common values with the other companies of the Bâtiment sector of its group: SCB and CIMELTA.

The force of partners

This group has gradually developped while acquiring and by creating complementary activities (work of carcass work heavy castings and the second work, engineering, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of technical materials supplies of materials and equipment). This integration, now coordinated by a step Quality, profits with customers mainly made up of professionals, thanks to:

  • a strong reactivity, guaranteed by the often immediate availability of material resources (materials, equipment, machines) human (labour, supervisory staff and specialists) and financial
  • a close connection with the customers, reinforced by a flexible management, a good knowledge of the ground and a geographical presence on the principal cities of the island
  • reliable and targeted councils lavished by a pool of specialized technical experts
  • an extended offer, being based on a very broad line of goods going from the supply of materials and materials to the realization of projects turn-key
  • savings of margin and scale which allow a competitiveness price
  • transverse methods (planning, management of the procedures quality) ensuring a control in particular of the internal processes and the respect of the deadlines