Department S.I.M.E.
Fire protection - Materials and equipment

Mark Products

Extinguishers with water, ABC powder , CO2, automatics
Specific extinguishers
Extinguishing boxes and covers
Traffic signs
Fire-resistant covers
Storage of dangerous products
Showers of safety
Autonomous blocks of emergency lighting (B.A.E.S.)
Gathering, perimeter of safety
Equipped fire valves, additional, maintenance
Dry columns, posts of fire
Specific lances monitor, lances fires, lances
Pipes and accessories
Systems foams, emulsifiers
Half symetric couplings
Materials of rescue
Vehicles and machines
Detections automatic extinctions
Service formation


Connections and valves and fittings
Materials for sappers firemen
Fixed installations
Lances Monitor
Motor-driven pumps Sets fire to


Département S.I.M.E.

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